Have you ever wondered how to start teaching your children about the responsibility that goes along with electric appliances or other electric equipment? Or perhaps you are worried that you may have skipped something important in teaching kids about how to be safe around electricity. Here is a list of some of the electrical safety rules you should make sure that you teach your kids:

  • That they should never mix electricity with water
  • Never to play near power lines, whether it be climbing trees near a power line, or flying a kite near a power line. If their kite gets tangled up in a power line, they should not attempt to retrieve the said kite
  • How to recognize electrical hazard or danger warning signs, what those signs mean, and that they should obey strictly what warning signs convey
  • That they should never insert any of their fingers or any random object into an electrical outlet, at the risk of being seriously injured
  • They should never insert random objects, particularly anything metallic such as a spoon or fork, inside a toaster
  • A plug should never be pulled from an outlet using its electrical cord
  • That they should never touch a damaged, work, broken or frayed electrical wire or cord; if they should find this type of damaged wiring, they should immediately inform an adult
  • During a thunderstorm, to stay away from the windows or doors, never to turn on a television or other network-connected electrical equipment, such as hard-line phones and Internet routers.