Petition for Signatures

As of January 11, 2012:
Signature-gathering has resumed


  1. Only people who are registered to vote in Ohio may sign.
  2. Each petition may have signatures from only one county.
  3. NEVER sign your own petition.
  4. Make sure signers include the address where they're registered to vote.
  5. Always leave the "ward/precinct" line blank.
  6. Staple five pages of petition together (numbered at bottom page 1 through 5).
  7. Be sure you complete the Statement of Circulator, which is the last page. Leave the employer line blank. Be sure to sign it and include the address where you're registered to vote.
  8. For every five-page petition (regardless of how many signatures you have), you must sign the Statement of Circulator on page 5.
  9. No "dittos" under signatures - urge the signer to fill it out completely.
  10. Month, day, and year must be filled in (don't skip year).
  11. After checking that these guidelines have been met, mail completed petitions to: 
    Personhood Ohio
    P.O. Box 126
    Dresden, Ohio 43821

We have 2 petition sizes you can download:

Watch a video of Dr. Johnston demonstrating how to easily gather signatures for the Ohio Personhood Amendment 

You can also download the handout with answers to common objections.