It is easy to say that children should be taught the hazards of electricity, but there comes a time when you must also teach children how to handle electricity safely. Eventually, you will want them acquiring a bit of independence and a sense of responsibility, and that includes the safe use of electrical appliances or electrical equipment.

First of all, you need to make sure that your child understands the danger of electricity, including the possible consequence of mistakes or errors in handling electrical equipment. They should understand that electricity is not something they should play around with and that if they wish to learn how to use electrical equipment safely, they should first do so under the supervision of an adult, and never by themselves.

Also make sure that they understand the basic rules for electricity safely, including:

  • Not handling anything electrical with wet hands
  • Not to play around with electrical wires and cables
  • To inform a grown-up if they should see any frayed, damaged, or loose They should never attempt to fix the perceived electrical issue themselves
  • Never to insert any random object into an electrical outlet. If they wish to plug something in, they should call an adult to do this for them
  • Anytime you finish using something electrical, it should be unplugged or turned off, and that includes any electrical appliance or even something as simple as the lights in a room

Once they have understood these basic safety measures, you can begin introducing them to the uses of electricity, a little at a time. You can start off by allowing them to turn an electrical appliance on or off, always under your close supervision and guidance.