How You Can Help

We need your help to get the personhood amendment on the ballot in Ohio. There are several ways that you can help out. Some take just a few minutes and others will involve more commitment. Once we submit our signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State, the campaign will transform into an effort to persuade voters to vote for the Ohio Personhood Amendment, but until then, we must focus on getting signatures.

Sign the petition

We need a lot of signatures to get the Ohio Personhood Amendment on the ballot. If you haven't signed already click here to get a form and print it out. Please read instructions carefully. Once you've signed, gather signatures from registered voters among your family members and friends. Be sure to mail us your signatures right away, even if you only have a few.

"Like" us on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, click to "like" Personhood Ohio in the upper right of this website. You can also do the same thing by visiting

Email your friends

Send an email to your friends and family in Ohio letting them know about the Personhood amendment and encouraging them to sign the petition. We've created a template for you that you can copy and paste.

Send a donation

Send us a much needed donation. All money will go to getting signatures to get the Personhood Amendment on the ballot, or to promote the Personhood Amendment to the public once the signatures have been submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State.

Collect signatures at your church

Contact your pastor and ask if a pro-life volunteer can gather signatures at a table in your foyer one Sunday morning after church. If you can make an announcement or have us make an announcement that morning to urge voters to sign the pro-life petition on their way out of the church, that would be appreciated. We also bring voter registration cards, so they can register to vote there as well. If you'd like gather signatures at your church yourself, we have a page to help you do that.

If you are calling churches, this Instruction Flowsheet for Calling Churches will help. This flowsheet was designed for calling churches where we have already sent letters. Contact us to help us send letters to churches in your city or county. (This flowsheet was designed by Pastor Dave DiYanni from Vineyard Community Church in Reynoldsburg.)

Collect signatures at public events

You can find good fairs, festivals, and gun shows at and Great sites to discover Christian concerts are and Don't forget to check out your local Christian radio station's website. Also, a little bit of research online or in your newspaper will provide many events in your area that may provide a good place to gather signatures - concerts, fairs, festivals, high school sporting events, college and professional sporting events, conferences, etc. It's easy! As people walk up, ask, 
    "Are you an Ohio voter?" 
    "Can you give me a signature for a pro-life petition?" 
    "What county do you live in?" 
Then you give them the clipboard for that county and hand them a pen. It's that simple. (They do not have to fill out the Ward/Precinct info, as nobody ever knows that.) It's always good to have several pens and clipboards prepared, so that three or four people can sign their name simultaneously. Cute kids are real good at getting signatures, so bring yours with you and make it a family event!


Pray and believe God! I cannot overstress the need for this. Jesus said that whatever we ask for according to His will, asking in faith, believing that we have received it, it will be ours. Please pray and trust God that every preborn child will be protected by love and by Ohio law.