It is always a delight to watch babies as they explore their world for the first time. Once they gain mobility, there seems to be no limit to their curiosity. However, this can also be dangerous for them, when their undiscriminating curiosity leads them to explore everything, even electrical hazards. It is the job of parents to make sure that their children can continue their quest for discovery while remaining safe. If you have children, you should make sure that your home is baby-proofed against electrical hazards.

Electrical outlets are particularly vulnerable to a child’s curiosity, who may suddenly develop an irresistible urge to insert various objects, perhaps even their fingers, into the slots. Maybe your little one is just trying to imitate you when he sees you inserting a plug into an outlet. In any case, you need to make sure that your child does not suffer any electrical accident or shock from playing around with those electrical receptacles!

Fortunately, there are now tamper-resistant receptacles available in the market, which feature slots equipped with shutters that only open if they are pushed upon at the same time. Unless your baby has the physical coordination that enables him to plug something into the outlet, he will not be able to insert anything into those inviting slots successfully. These are what are known as TRRs or Tamper-Resistant Receptacles. Once your baby starts getting mobile, you may want to call on your electrician to change your old outlets out for TRRs.

Another solution is purchasing an electrical outlet cap. These are plastic covers designed to be plugged in to empty electrical outlets, essentially covering up the slots.