As a general rule, all appliances should be kept out of children’s reach. Children are naturally curious, and they may wish to imitate you by attempting to plug in and operate an electrical appliance which they have seen you use a number of items. This is dangerous, however, and your child may end up damaging your appliance, as well as cause injury to themselves by playing around with something that requires electricity to power it up.

Some electrical appliances, however, do pose a higher risk of danger to children, and should at all times be locked away and kept out of sight and out of reach of children. These include:

  • Appliances that are equipped with sharp blades such as blenders, food processors, electric razors
  • Heavy appliances or those with sharp edges and glass materials should be kept out of reach of children, including their electrical cords. Nothing may be quite as compelling to a child as the urge to pull a cord that they see dangling from a high place. Otherwise, they can damage the appliance, but most importantly, they can end up seriously hurting themselves, whether from the impact of a falling, heavy object or from breaking something made of glass, creating a physical hazard on the floor.
  • Appliances that generate high temperatures are another cause for concern. We’re talking about electric kettles, flat irons, light bulbs that still utilize non-LED bulbs. The heat generated by these appliances are often extremely high and dangerous for both kids and adults. Make sure that these are kept out of reach of children so that they do not touch the hot surface and cause themselves some severe burns