Electricity, a gift to humanity allowing us to enjoy conveniences unimaginable to people of the past, to them most of what we would take granted for would be indistinguishable to magic! But like fire that started the spark of civilization, it can harm as much as it does good. Personhoodohio.com aims to educate and inform people of the dangers of electricity and the methods to avoid accidents and keep our homes safe for our children and loved ones.

Electricity is power, and power must be handled responsibly. We feature content that gives our readers the information they need to keep their homes safe, from simple safety procedures, maintenance, and baby proofing methods, to information and reviews of services to use for big fixes.

Personhoodohio.com was created in order to reduce, if not completely prevent electrically related accidents. Though we are Ohio based, and most of the services we recommend and review are in the state, our information regarding safety procedures and methods is something of value.

Our electrical safety tips are mostly concentrated helping parents teach their children on how to handle electrical appliances and safety procedures, as a good portion of household accidents relating to electricity happen to young children. Help us spread information to reduce injuries and deaths of children due to electrical accidents by sharing this blog.

We started out as a group of parents, guardians, and teachers who shared information regarding general home safety tips. We discovered that a lot of accidents in the home involves electricity, so we started to share more and more about that, until to the point that we decided to share what we know to the world.

For every individual informed of methods to avoid accidents more and more lives of children and adults are saved. Save lives by as simply keeping the information moving, keep your friends and loved ones safe.